Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my personal catalog of projects. I'm currently a product designer at Western Digital and IDEO CoLab fellow - but titles don't really tell you that much about a person, so I hope my projects tell a fuller story.

I'm perpetually in a state of internal conflict as the right half of my noggin battles with my left half for control. In high school I studied both art and computer science. In undergraduate I majored in both architecture and architectural engineering (focused on building science). And now, at work, I find myself both designing and programming as necessary. 


Binder1 16.jpg

Pencil drawing and over-analyzing (this was a dissection of a music box)


TINKERING!!!! Usually to solve a design problem... but also sometimes just to tinker.

Actually, I love buildings as much as I love designing interfaces - I spent the first two years of my career working towards both a license in architecture and in Professional Engineering. However, I could never quite shake my love of programming - something that had been festering for several years. In my personal projects. At work, I would always wonder how automation and digitization would help solve sustainability problems I saw on construction sites.

Making buildings more sustainable.


Engineering - this me stress loading a concrete beam I had designed and poured myself.


Video games. I used to design stages for professional video game tournaments!

I am also still doing research for Dr. Kimiko Ryokai at Berkeley, focusing on Human Computer Interaction. I'm finding that UX is sort of like a digital application of architectural design principles, so I'm really happy!

I code, I design, and I question.

Thanks for stopping by!