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I'm a product designer that LOVES to work with cross functional teammates and put on different hats, mostly because I have many interests spanning from research to code - and I feel lucky to be the voice for users through it all.

If you're interested in my dorky, multi-disciplinary story, read on - but you've probably read a hundred "About Me" pages so I'll just leave my little ol' LinkedIn and resume up here!


Brave enough to venture forward? I'll keep it brief!

I started off in architectural design, which taught me a deep appreciation of craft, critique, and iteration. It also sent me on wild "work" trips like to the Cayman Islands where I was "working" on the Ritz Carlton...

Binder1 16.jpg

Because of architecture I developed an appreciation for beauty through physical media, like drawing and painting (that's a music box I visually dissected).


I became fascinated by interactive media; I designed dynamically responsive stages for professional video game tournaments with over 90,000 viewers as a hobby. Yeah, not that dorky right?


More and more I wanted to study the interface between people and computers - fascinated by the types of problems computing may be able to solve.


On the left is a prototype of a shape-able device that stores ambient noises when manipulated - I was exploring the link between memories and haptic actions.


So I packed my bags, left for California to study HCI at Berkeley, and am now pursuing a dream career where I get to design interface solutions for people!