Storage dashboard

Uncomplicating a really complicated device




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The backstory

Despite being a large source of income for the company, the user experience of the product had not been updated for over 8 years.

WD sells 10,000 NAS units a month, globally. The devices are capable of storing massive amounts of data and connect to Wi-Fi.

My role

My task was to identify any pain points in the current dashboard experience for the product and design a solution to address them - beyond just a visual update.

The existing product

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The design process



Research findings

Users purchase this device for specific reasons


This device is NOT a general purpose device - what I found was that we had very well established archetypes of users who used this device is many specialized ways. Despite this, our product was not designed to accommodate this.

Two primary use cases


The two reasons a user was most likely to visit the dashboard was either to simply check on the status of the device or to troubleshoot - but what I found was that users often had trouble discerning what the problem was.

Onboarding is a pain

I found out that our onboarding process felt VERY unguided and that there was a HUGE learning curve for such a technical product. This device was not meant for the average consumer.




Design objectives

1. Improve FTUE to help ease-in and onboard the user

2. Provide specialized guidance to help these purpose driven users

3. Re-design dashboard to better support two primary use cases

After several rounds of iteration, testing, reviewing with PM and engineering, this was my proposal.

Dynamic troubleshooting dashboard


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Customizable onboarding

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Contextual help

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A purpose-categorized app store

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